Friday, 13 January 2012

Baby Room Inspiration!

Today I actually started putting things into the baby room (painting job all done yippee!!)  Well so far all I have is the basinet  and a little storage bench.  I am extremely excited because now i can actually start realizing the room I've been thinking about for months now :D

This pillow was handed down to me from my grandmother and now I want Emma to have it. :) 

the storage bench my husband
painted white.

              the cookie we got when they told us it was a GIRL! 

we decided to paint the room a soft yellow and the furniture is going to be white.  I kind of want to go for a whimsical feel, and hang those round lantern things of the ceiling..and I really want to make my own baby mobile so I'm excited to get started on that.  Here are some inspirations I found online:

DIY Baby mobiles

1 comment:

CQ| said...

Awe your nursery is going to look cute.
It's nice when your husband helps out, and shares your vision! :)

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