Tuesday, 3 January 2012


husband and I
First off HAPPY NEW YEARS! (i know a bit late I do apologize)
I spent my new years in Montreal with my family this year, and had a blast! I will be posting pictures ASAP!
I used an old camera my husbands parents had for over 20 year and I have to send the film to be developed,,,so I'm excited :D :D  I love old cameras.
I was thinking today of all that happened in 2011 and i would say the highlights of 2011 were my 1 year anniversary of marriage (august 1st)


and finding out I was pregnant (June)
I'm super excited for what 2012 holds! a new baby , which changes everything..but am soo looking forward to it :)  Finding out "the baby" was a girl just made it even more exciting and has made me more impatient to see my little girl 'Emma'!!
My due date is beginning of March and..fingers crossed..it goes by fast!!!
cannot wait!

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CQ| said...

That dress is sooo cute!

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