Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Since I told my family that the baby was a girl they have started buying her shoes and clothes, and to be honest I think she may end up with more pairs of shoes and more outfits than me!!
I have been itching to show everything off but I don't want to ambush and bore all the visitors that come to my apt. with baby clothes and shoes.
So I have selected a few things that are just too cute not to show off so here goes...

My mother in law gave me this adorable coat that I had been eyeing for a while now! PERFECT!!

some of her shoes. :)


Lo3_xo! said...

Soo Cute! can't wait to meet her! :)

CQ| said...

Cute. Love her shoes! Shes cute already! Lol
I think I'm gonna have to compete with Benji...cuz he can't have more clothe and shoes than I... It's not fair. Lol. Anywho. I'm excited to take pictures of Emma. Yay!!

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