Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Joy Joy

I went to visit my friend Cindy (CQ shots) at the hospital today...she just had her baby boy Benji!! (I think I fell in love) he is the most precious little boy ever!!  Congrats Cindy... you made it! :)
As I held little Benji today, I really wished that Emma were here already!!! it makes me super excited for when she arrives...
yes, all the pain, contractions, labour,  pushing a baby out...
 I'm ready!!
 bring it hehe....
just to hold that tiny life in your arms...why wouldn't it be worth it?? :)


But for now here I sit...waiting..(im)patiently for my little treasure...only 7 more weeks..

My Best friends right now:
1.) cozy cozy blanket :)
2.) Cookies & cream scented candles...yum

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