Friday, 10 February 2012

Eye Candy

Sometimes I like to just click away and see what I can find in the wonderful world of bloggers and just look for photographs or images that catch my attention, so today I just wanted to share a FEW of the images that caught my eye Today...

things I like and some that I hope to one day a room full of books...floor to ceiling, bookshelves on every wall :)
or maybe a chandelier.... yup..I think Id love me a chandelier...and a really cool funky shaped mirror (although getting a decent mirror for the wash room is next to impossible. sheesh..I blame my husband for that)

Gowns Gowns Gowns....I love gowns..I found these pictures..taken backstage at Dior, and I must say im in loooooove
I wish I could wear gowns every weekend but..that would be expensive..hehe

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