Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Sometimes when you least expect it, Love Happens

So!  Since today was that special day of LOVE I decided, why not write about my husband and I...and how we came to be :)

Well Danny and I met at church, we both grew up in church,  (his family left church when he was 10yrs old and came back when he was14yrs old..I was still there).
To be honest I never really noticed him or was ever interested in him during those years, we never spoke really.

I remember at around age 14 or 15 my mom would always try "hooking me up" with him and always pointing him out,  "look Sarah! he is such a nice boy! he's a musician at church and he loves God!"   and my response would be: "Ewwwwww mom!!!! NEVER!!!!!!"   (aha remember..never say never!)

Danny tells me that his mom would always point me out to him and his response was pretty much the same as mine! lol   

I remember he started talking to me when I was 16 and he was 18.  We talked about soccer (I know nothing of the sport) and from there we would talk on MSN messenger every night! and spoke on the phone almost every day.  

He asked me out that year and I actually said no!  I told him that if he did like me, he would wait until I was 17, since I wasn't allowed to date till 17.  And he did wait :)   (sigh)

We dated 5 years, and he proposed January of 2009 :)  and got married August 1st of 2010.

I know alot of people nowadays would say we dated too long and yada yada, but in those years we became best friends.  I remember praying and telling God that I wanted to one day marry Danny, and for Him to bless our relationship.  And He has! 

 Daniel makes me so happy, I thank God every day for putting Danny in my life, we both have grown spiritually together and both have got to know each other so well these past years,  he is my other half, my prince charming, my knight in shining armour :) 

and almost 7 years late of being with him, I am confident to say that I love him more every day.
And Now we are waiting for our little bundle of joy, Emma :)  

We are now going to be a little family, and I am excited for the future to come...


CQ| said...

You have the best wedding pictures!

Dzesi said...

Really love this one :)

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