Sunday, 4 March 2012

Introducing: The Nursery!

May I have your attention Please!!

Ladies and gentlemen...We have officially completed our nursery! Thank God!!! :D  Last night we assembled the last piece of furniture that will go in Emmas nursery.  
It was a beautiful feeling..when we put the last piece of furniture in its place and everything was just so...I got a bit teary (not gonna lie) 
Seeing the nursery complete, It hit me... 
its crazy!! crazy I tell you! but Im so excited for this new phase that were going to be entering as parents, and I am looking forward to it. :) 
I pray that my husband and I will have the wisdom and strength to raise Emma correctly, and that we may show her to love God with all her heart.

Children are a heritage from the LORD,
   offspring a reward from him.  psalms 127:3

4 days till my due date!!

I tells you, this girl is going to have more clothes than me!!!

1 comment:

CQ| said...

awe. I love your nursery! It's so cute!

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