Friday, 11 May 2012


Last Weekends' Outfits!
I have been trying to add more colour to my wardrobe since I wear alot of black,  or dark colours.  Colour is everywhere this season and I love it.  So I went out (on a budget) to buy some shirts,  I found a pretty good deal at Smart set, I got these shirts for 10 bucks! pretty good deal! 
As always most of my skirts are thrifted! and lately I've been buying different coloured skirts for 5 bucks or less! ((SCORE!)) so both skirts below are thrifted, and I will be posting more soon!

I especially like the colour blocking thats going on this season,  So I'll be mixing up some more colours, I shall be posting my experiments! 





mrzPerez said...

i love that agua skirt! veryy cuute!!

CQ| said...

Cute. Love your shoes!

Paige Renae said...

I love both your outfits and photos! So glad I came across your blog and happy to be your newest follower! I'll be looking forward to your future posts. :)

-Paige Renae

The Modesty Walk said...

Love both your shoes! Super cute. You look nice. :)

Adin B said...

I love the shoes and the last skirt. It is awesome to go thrifting and find awesome things. :)

Georgie said...

love your outfits!! those are really nice colorful! :)

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