Monday, 28 May 2012


This weekends outfit:
Like I mentioned before here, I wanted to start wearing more COLOUR!!  I know this outfit isn't AS colourful, but the skirt is electric blue and I thought that was enough colour for me. ((one step at a time)) hopefully I'll be brave enough to combine more colours SOON!!

I bought this blouse this weekend and I love it!  only 20 bucks at Winners..:D
The skirt is thrifted, and shoes from Walmart for 19 bucks.

 I love love love this skirt!! I personally think skirts are better to get thrifted, because they can be a little bit pricey brand new...I can always find great deals on blouses, but hardly ever for skirts, which is why I always head to the thrift stores for my skirts...i dunno...just personal opinion.

ermm..dont mind that my button wasn't properly closed...i noticed after when it was too late and was too lazy to go back out and retake picture hehe.



mrzPerez said...

love love love itt!!! sooo prettyy!! i need that shirt! def stealing it when i go down lol

Roothless.xo said...

I wanted that one but it didnt fit me right . It's cute. I love it.

Chandra More Modern Modesty said...

Hi, Sarah!! Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. It's so nice to "meet" other Apostolic Pentecostal bloggers!

Okay. YES. Thrifting skirts--I've found that skirts and dresses are pretty much my staple buys at thrift stores. I especially love the polyester or poly blend pencil skirts. They are a bit warm for summer, but man! I enjoy wearing them in winter with tights and in the spring with sandals. I have several thrifted/vintage skirts in bright colors and I was SUPER glad when I found them.

Can I share your photo on MoMoMod's Facebook fan page? If so, shoot me an email here chandra @ momomod dot com. I'll post the picture with a link to your blog!


Tiffany G. said...

Hi Sarah, saw your comment on MoMoMod and came on over to your blog. I love your photography and that blue skirt is beautiful!

Stefanie said...

Thrifted skirts, yes! Those are usually my best skirts. Love your top, too! :)

Anonymous said...

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