Monday, 14 May 2012


hope all the mamas had a wonderful mothers day! it was a first for me and I felt quite special, hehe.  I  Im glad I got to spend it surrounded by wonderful people at church..along side my momma too. :)  Im grateful to my mom for everything she has done for me and my sisters and brother.  She's an amazing woman.

 Its been almost 2 months since I became a mom and Those 2 months have been so amazing.  Sometimes I cant believe that that little person is own flesh and blood, and it fills me with an overwhelming love and a sense of huge huge responsibility.  Im so happy and I thank God for her every day.

Danny got beat up by Emma


mrzPerez said...

aww so cute! love emmaa!!!!

CQ| said...

Awe Emma so Chubbykins :)
So funny how she beat dad up! Lol.

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