Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The Jesus Revolution

So this past weekend our church had an event called 'The Jesus Revolution' 
Its an event we do anually by the youth.  It was actually a dream my husband has had ever since he was 14 years old, so every year we plan this event and its a huge blessing.  We have musicians from different churches and cities of our organization come together and sing for the Lord, and we always have the most important thing which is the word of God, there is always a special guest preacher, and this year we invited Loammi Diaz from Arizona.  He preached about the root of adiction, I was blown away by his preaching...wowww!
And so my friend Cindy and I were in "hired" to take pictures at the event! woot!!
These are the pictures I took

This is Cindy, my partner in crime haha...she took more pictures of the event, 
check them out HERE


Kim C. said...

Lovely! This sounds great. Love the event shots. I know it is hard lighting to shoot in. You did great!

The Modesty Walk said...

You girls did an awesome job!! You know how to capture the essence of the moments very well. : ) I love the collage of us 3 girls singing. SO cool! I want it. :)

Kim A said...

What an awesome event! Love the picture with the bokeh. :-)

deanna said...

cool photos!
following from follow Friend Friday Link Up Party!

CQ| said...

You took awesome photos! props!

helen said...

you both took such LEGIT pictures!!!! :)

Chantal Meade said...

Looks awesome!
Is that Loammi Diaz?


Anonymous said...

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