Saturday, 19 September 2015

A perfect day, and a photoshoot

Don't you love spontaneous trips with friends?  Well that's exactly what happened a few weeks ago.  The plan was to head to the beach, but because of a complication we just decided to head out of town and visit this lady right here!  We took a walk around her town, visited cafes, had some paninis, London fog, and gelato.  Sounds perfect right? it kinda was.  
Life as a mom is kind of stressful at times, so to just have a chill day with another mother and close friends is sometimes just what we need.
As you can see my lovely friend Cindy is expecting so we took a few photos...
(more photos of that day coming soon)
****NOTE:  The train tracks are inactive, so don't freak out****

1 comment:

Ruth Alvarez said...

oooooh! Here they are! lovely!

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